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Contact: Craig Malinowski
Work 415 Gold Coast Dr CBU 76 E Wakefield NH 03830 Work Phone: 603-534-2535Website: https://7lakesdj.com/


About Me

Why Music!

Looking back over the years, I have always played music for friends as a young teen with my boombox, then DJ’ing family parties and more recently DJ’ing my own events.  I am very happy and comfortable when everyone is having a great time because of the music that is being played through our speakers.

All Kinds of Parties!

At 7 Lakes DJ we are available for:  Birthdays, Holiday Parties,  House Parties,  Get Togethers, Weddings, Private Events and any where you want to have a great time listening to music.

Great Quality Music

A DJ’s music quality is very important for several reasons.  First, DJ music is often played at Medium – High volumes, so any imperfections in the recording will be amplified in front of your guests.  Second, DJ music is typically layered and compressed, which can further exaggerate flaws in recordings.  At 7 Lakes DJ, we make sure our music is from a trusted source and of the highest quality.

Why Choose Us?

 Having the right DJ can turn your party from a strained event to a big success.  Yes, you could play your own music from a speakerphone, but how are you going to make sure that your music choice works for the crowd?  7 Lakes DJ will take requests and also be able to read the audience, ensuring that each song is a hit.